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Best Western Hotel Blaise & Francis is happy to accommodate your pets.

Taking a vacation with your pet is an absolutely exemplary gesture, but it must be done with awareness. Here are the “ingredients” for a correct and problem-free holiday with your four-legged friends, to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests of the Hotel Best Western Blaise & Francis.
Please adhere to the following guidelines
• Do not leave your dog alone in the room. First of all as a matter of responsibility, secondly because if it should "complain" or make some barking it could disturb the quiet of the hotel and its guests;
• Always clean your pets' manure! Whether in the room, in the common areas or outside the hotel, it is not at all civil to leave your dog's feces on the ground. As it would normally happen when you are in the city, you should get a small scoop and a bag to contain the excrement of your four-legged friend;
• If your dog is used to getting on the sofa and bed at home, he will most likely do the same thing in a hotel. So equip yourself with cloths and sheets to cover the surfaces and avoid getting dirty with saliva, hair or other;
• If the hotels kindly leave bowls and accessories for your pet available, be kind in turn: do not take them home as a souvenir and leave them as clean as you found them!
• Pet owners undertake to keep their pets on a leash or in a cage, while they are in any public or common place within the Accommodation facility.
• Pet owners undertake not to leave their pets unattended, at any time, while they are in the hotel
• Pet owners undertake to let their pets out of the room during the services, or they can choose not to want the cleaning service while the pet is in the room.
• A pet that becomes aggressive or disturbs any of the customers or other people in the hotel must be managed according to the conditions of well-being for all guests
• Pet owners accept full responsibility for any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses (including legal ones) for personal injury or damage or dirt that may arise from the animals and agree to reimburse such damage upon request.
• Pet owners undertake to indemnify, hold harmless and defend the Hotel, owners, agents and employees from any and all liability, claim, loss, costs and expenses (including legal ones) arising from or relating to any claims for personal injury or damage to property by the animals themselves.


To offer you an optimal service and to protect your well-being, we invite you to fill out the following information questionnaire and send us by email

The Best Western Hotel Blaise & Francis is happy to host your pets and to dedicate many services to you and them to make your stay special.
The Pet Friendly Package includes:
• A bowl for water and one for food
• A cot for each dog o a cot for each cat
• Hygienic bags for dogs
• A litter box with sand for cats in the room
• A contact from a local veterinarian who is available 24 hours a day
• Extra cleaning service after the stay
Book the Pet Friendly Package for free by selecting it from the additional services listed in the welcome email following the booking or request it by contacting the hotel directly!